• Core Values

      Core Values

      My Finance- and Transformation business value-drivers, supporting harnessing trust and collaboration in solution-finding include the following:           (1) Integrity; (2) Relationship-building; (3) Ability to partner; (...

    • Who am I

      Who am I

      “A different perspective on quandary solutions”  differentiates me from mainstream finance- & change solutions stemming from international and varied experience over many years combined with a strong focus on implementation, deliver...

    • What I Offer

      What I Offer

      Improving business efficiencies is more than just making a few process changes. Its understanding the wider strategic and implementation impacts on finance, capital, risks and change management that is of paramount importance in a business environmen...

    • Eugene van den Berg

      Eugene van den Berg

      A Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with progressive financial leadership experience, ERP systems, strong communication & interpersonal skills known to deliver constantly on all metrics. Backed by strong transferable skills and having obt...


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